Race is real

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Race Is a Social Construct, Scientists Argue

I occupy that there are no people, only racialised groups — statistics that have been collated as biological races. In an argument published today Feb.

Is race real or not?

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What Scientists Mean When They Say 'Race' Is Not Genetic

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Is “Race” Real?

So, either "race" has a very real biological meaning or it is an amazing coincidence that Sforza's "populations" group themselves almost exactly like Carelton Coon's "prime-racial groups". What does race mean? Find the answers to these and other questions by exploring different interactivities within this site.

There's less - and more - to race than meets the eye. Racism is real, in both an interpersonal and a structural sense, but race is not.

Once the idea of race is divorced from biology, strange things start happening, conceptually. So, when thinking about the idea of race in the Middle Ages, it is critical to remember that we are discussing a mythology no more real than fairies. As James Harland wrote last week, it is a “situational construct”: even though it is imagined, it is not imaginary.

What does race mean? Find the answers to these and other questions by exploring different interactivities within this site. There's less - and more - to race than meets the eye. The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

Race is real
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